Clinical Research Package


The drug and medical device development industry is experiencing a tremendous change globally. This change has geared momentum towards development of unique, newer and safer therapies towards personalized medicinal drugs. The business models are advancing to the higher levels of niche busters and towards a coexistence of newer and blockbuster therapies used in the past.

Due to the strengthening of economies in the BRIC countries i.e. Brazil, Russia, India & China, drug and device companies are focusing their research and development efforts in these regions particularly the research for clinical development of products i.e. Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials. Further, local pharmaceutical and biotech companies in these regions are also rapidly stepping up their work in Research and Development for developing promising new molecules as well as generics.

With the growth of the industry a number of clinical trial management organizations and business models have come into existence which include full-service Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), early phase CROs, Site Management Organizations (SMOs), companies offering fewer but specialized services such as Medical Writing, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Data Management, Regulatory Affairs, Business Consulting, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPOs) etc. This growth has eventually amplified the demand for trained staff in the clinical research industry.

The Advanced Diploma in Clinical Research Course equips you with the knowledge and skills required for making a successful career in drug development and clinical trials. The program has been designed in a way so as to compliment your basic education and to provide you a platform to enter the pharmaceutical and biotech industry as a clinical research professional.


1. Full Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Abbreviations

2. ICH – GCP Guidelines

3. Clinical Research Concepts

4. Clinical Data Management

5. Pharmacovigilance

6. Regulatory Affairs

7. MedDRA-Coding

8. Inputs of Medical Writing

9. Interview Preparation

10. Mock Interview


BPharm, MPharm, PharmD


Nursing, BDS, MDS, BPT, MPT

BMLT, DMLT, Paramedics

Bio-Tech, Biomedical and Instrumentation Engineering

Microbiology, Bio-Chemistry, Chemistry, Zoology, Biology, Nutrition


1. Class-Room Training:

Three months training (Duration will be extended till candidate getting Job without any additional charges).

2. Online Training:

Through Zoom conference. Daily 3 hours theory and 1 hour assessment & practice.


We will give you Placement Assurance Letter while joining training.

Once completion of the training job will be Assured / Confirmed.

Salary and Company will be differed based on your qualification and performance.