Spoken English

Nandi's believes in the power of language education to build global connections, forge exciting opportunities and enrich lives. We offer an English course which caters to the general skill development of learners. We all are aware that English opens opportunities – most of the world’s top universities are in English-speaking countries. In addition, having English language skills provides a competitive edge and broadened future employment prospects.

Nandi's Empower

We have English courses for everyone. We teach students traveling abroad & studying English and students already living abroad looking to improve their skills. Our English Empower courses are supported by our unique and innovative system, which enhances learning through technology. Our English Empower combines course content from Cambridge University Press (CUP) with validated assessments from the experts at Cambridge English Language Assessment. You will achieve fluency quickly and effectively, if you follow our course structure and complete all of your assignments and your course can be customized to best suit your English learning needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience better learning with our English Empower course. It is a blended course comprising of the physical book and digital content hosted on an online portal. The course adopts an extremely scientific approach and is backed by a good amount of research.